Vistage South Bay Chair George Walker Executive Coaching invitation-only event
In addition to his ongoing training and development as a Vistage Chair, Mr. Walker has extensive and varied experience as an operations manager, corporate executive and community leader. That combination provides the basis for his success in leading his Vistage Group members to take their businesses to the next level while bringing balance to their lives.
JUNE 12, 2012
Time Tuesday, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Kraig Kramers

CEO at CEO Tools. Inc., Corporate Partners Inc., and Gandy Dancer Press LLC
Speaker BioCEO Tools by Kraig Kramers

Kraig W. Kramers is an experienced and seasoned business executive who has been CEO of 8 companies in diverse industries. Today he is president and CEO of Corporate Partners Inc., a leading consulting firm he founded in 1993 in Atlanta. Kraig is a nationally-known business speaker and author of the acclaimed book CEO Tools: The Nuts-n-Bolts of Business for Every Manager’s Success.


Kramers coaches CEOs, owners, and management teams in the rapid acceleration and management of profitable growth as well as in acquisitions, sale/exits, and strategy development with implementation.

Topic Synopsis

The Professional CEO's Toolkit


Most CEOs have an extensive "toolkit" of knowledge and experience, gleaned over time with some pain... and hopefully more than equal amounts of gain. Kramers explores his experiences as CEO in eight widely diverse companies, ranging from service to manufacturing, small to large, coast to coast, and from privately owned to those owned by public corporations.


Kramers identifies the many success traits of CEOs, picking a group of seven to illustrate their specific successful applications in several different kinds of companies. Examples of how to turn these traits into action and profit are given, as are ways of improving members' own abilities using these tools.


Discussion includes:

  • The CEO: Success traits
  • Which CEO traits are critical?
  • How do you stack up and what can you do about it?
  • The CEO as professional manager: Seven critical factors
  • How CEOs spend their time
  • The CEO's toolbox

A Vistage Resource for fourteen years, Kramers provides stories of success - and anecdotal, but learning, tales of failures - in both growth and turnaround situations, leaving the listener with a well-filled toolbox to take home and turn into profitable action.

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