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To learn more and register, call George Walker @ 310.990.9003.   Host: M Mazur.

Speaker:  Heather Lutze


There’s a razor thin line between making and losing millions and your business success doesn’t guarantee your online success. After working with hundreds of prestigious clients and presenting to 90+ Vistage groups, Heather has distilled 14 years of Internet and search marketing know how to rapidly identify common mistakes and provide essential tools and solutions needed to fix businesses online presence including web sites, search engine optimization, content marketing and more. Bring their laptops and get ready to use in session the real life tools of the trade to understand and set online strategy for your own business. You will learn how to keep internet marketing professionals accountable for their investment in online initiatives. Heather’s easy, non-technical style has wide appeal to audiences interested in growing their business and improving online marketing results quickly.

This high content, fun program based on the Heather’s book Marketing Espionage will pull back the curtain on industry secrets and reveal how to:

  • Understand why “Intel Strategies” are not covert, but industry best practices for developing a winning online marketing plan.
  • Spy on yourself and discover where you stand with Google right now
  • Tap the psyche of the searcher to stop guessing and start connecting meaningfully with customers who are ready to buy.
  • Gain a significant competitive edge by discovering your competitors’ online strategy
  • Go undercover to conduct advanced keyword research for the right phrases to get found fast.
  • Create a content strategy that connects with and converts customers
  • Learn top nontechnical strategies any business can implement to improve Findability.

Value to members

– Immediate Reports and Takeaways to use in their own businesses

– In session research and tools to help the CEO or Executive hold the professionals in their businesses accountable.

– Hands on experience in using essential online marketing tools of the pro’s to get ahead and they love getting their hands dirty.

– This program unites the CEO/Executives online vision with real world, tactical implementation for key members to execute. They go together for an overall coordinated effort.

– Understand who is really their online competition, run reports on their web sites and set plans to dominate their industry over their competitors

– Executive Checklists to help prevent “bad days” when internet problems arise and how to prevent them in the future. 
– A COMPREHENSIVE handout that they can share with their executives teams, marketing managers and anyone responsible for online marketing to set strategy fast.

– Members can come back at the next meeting and report changes they have made to their online presence and take real accountability for what they learned in session. 


What Chairs & Members Say About Heather’s Programs: 

“Heather Lutze provided the best presentation I have ever observed regarding social media and unleashing the full power of online marketing, tailored specifically for our Marketing Department. But more importantly, she is a professional of the highest caliber with impeccable integrity and an infectious attitude. I cannot overstate the impact she will have on your business”

Pete Sciabarra, Vistage International

“…This woman is a powerhouse! Heather’s speaking style captures your attention fully, taking a subject that seems dry and turning it into something juicy and exciting. Her information is all practical, real world and understandable. Her anecdotes are hilarious. She gave me the big picture of what Internet marketing could really do for Parelli in a way I just couldn’t ignore. If you have the opportunity to hear her give a keynote or present a workshop, do your business a favor and don’t miss it!”

Mark J. Weller, President, Parelli Natural HorseManShip, Inc. (Vistage Member)

“Heather spoke to my three Vistage CEO/key executive groups, and received top reviews from members. She provided insightful advice, worked with members individually on their web site key words/phrases, and showed everything how to get more “bang for the buck” from their web/social media investment.”

Charlie Hawkins, CHAIR

“I recently had the good fortune to have Heather speak to all four of my groups and it’s safe to say she was a knockout. She scored over 4.7 for each group in both content and delivery.

Maybe just as important, her integrated and results based approach to assessing member web sites was so revealing that I’m quite looking forward to my November meetings to learn how members were able to incorporate Heather’s remarkable offer to provide a detailed assessment of their sites at no charge. If you are looking for a speaker whose topic is immediately relevant AND can significantly add to members top and bottom line you should, must, book her ASAP.”

Bill Hamlin, Chair

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