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Attend this Vistage South Bay 2030 speaker workshop to discover how our peer advisory groups and top-notch leader presentations help business owners significantly outperform their competition, resolve critical and costly business issues, achieve work and personal life balance, and live a life without regrets. This speaker workshop is hosted by Vistage Chair George Walker from whom you can benefit from his extensive and varied experience as an operations manager, corporate executive and community leader.

Raise revenues and increase profits by creating a Totally Accountable Workplace, presented by Mike Scott.

This highly interactive workshop involves each of the participants. Mike Scott will support you to determine specific accountability issues where you have difficulty. Through group work, you will determine solutions to areas you desire to have improvement.

Key issues covered include:

  • Living without excuses
  • Delegation that works
  • Prioritization based on importance
  • Using Vistage partners for accountability

Scott approaches this subject of time management from the perspective that companies work better when accountability is a primary issue, starting from the top down. Through personal example and expectations of employees he presents the major issues most executives deal with continuously. He will then teach practical and easy-to-apply techniques for their solutions.

Value to Members

You will leave with first-hand knowledge and practiced skills to use immediately to make yourself more productive. You will also have a powerful, easy-to-use problem solving procedure which will have proven itself in the workshop. You will be in a position to transfer these same skills to employees who need them.


Meeting for Members and Guests

Interested in learning how to make every employee your Best Employee? Contact George Walker to learn more.

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