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The Many Dimensions of Dementia, No Longer Considered an “Old Person’s” Disease

You are invited to join other business leaders at an exclusive presentation given by Lauren Spiglanin, Founder of Family Connect Care LLC.

This First Bank’s The Business Hour will cover:
• The latest information about dementia and how it affects your family, business and employees
• How to balance the needs of those with the disease and their caregivers
• Where to turn when a family member or employee needs help.

Coffee and pastries will be served.

Register to attend by contacting Yalda Noorzai via (424) 282-2662 or Yalda.Noorzai@fbol.com.

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About Lauren Spiglanin

Lauren dedicated her life to the memory care community more than a decade ago after seeing mistreatment of memory impaired individuals. In 2008, the South Bay native founded Family Connect Care, LLC to enhance the quality of life of those she calls “the chronologically gifted.” Lauren, a Dementia Practitioner & Care Manager, launched her company to provide professional, empathetic care management and placement services for those with cognitive impairments. As a complementary service, Lauren leads two support groups in the South Bay for family caregivers dealing with the stress of a family member with dementia.

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