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Workshop Presenter: Howard Lim of HOW Creative.

Topic: How to Build Your Brand to Build Your Business

Vistage workshop presenter Howard Lim

Are you thinking too small when it comes to your brand?

“Your brand has the power to boost sales, ignite profits, and increase shareholder value,” says award-winning Fortune 500 business and branding strategist Howard A. Lim. “It’s the visual foundation of your company. From first impression to last touchpoint, your brand is a key factor in building your business for long-term success.”

In his game-changing presentations, Mr. Lim reveals the secrets he’s used to generate billions of dollars in profits for corporate clients, including Apple, Honda, Disney, DreamWorks, Acura, Xerox, Oracle, ATT, Cirque du Soleil, HP, and many more. The author of “Authentic Branding,” Mr. Lim shares real-life examples of winning strategies he’s devised for these corporate giants, which have added value to their brand and company equity, and shows you how these tips can work for your business as well.

You’ll learn how to define your UBP (Unique Buying Proposition) to customers, strategic partners, and investors, as well as how to leverage your brand and business—regardless of what product or service you sell—to gain a competitive edge and maintain a winning strategy for months and years to come. Drawing on over 30 years experience, Mr. Lim walks you through the most common branding mistakes that cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. You’ll learn specific tactics, such as sequencing your online and offline media for greater ROI, and uncover ways to create a brand and culture that attracts customers and employee talent, as well as open doors to increased revenue streams. “When you discover how to brand your business the right way, it can help your company stay relevant and unique in the marketplace for the next 10, 25, or 50 years,” says Mr. Lim.

Each presentation is customized for the audience, and Mr. Lim makes sure that every story is applicable to the challenges your company is facing right now. The result? An eye-opening experience packed with business and branding lessons that take each Vistage audience member to the next level, with Mr. Lim demonstrating how any size company can accelerate growth, profit, and value while attracting quality employees and increasing shareholder value.

Here are a few values Vistage members will learn and take away:
• Define your UBP (Unique Buying Proposition) to customers, strategic partners, licensees, licensors, buyers, retailers, and investors?
• Leverage your business, products, and services to give you a competitive edge
• Develop the ‘right’ strategy and execution for your business and turn it into a radically more successful brand
• Sequence your Online and Offline media for greater ROI
• Engage many more loyal customers through your touchpoints without losing them to your competition
• Uncover branding secrets used by Fortune 100 companies
• Integrate your media into a single, authoritative voice
• Avoid common branding mistakes that cost your business thousands of dollars a year
• Turn your business into a unique brand that provides a memorable experience
• Stay relevant over the next 5, 10, and 15 years
• Increase revenue streams to expand your business
• Create a culture to attract loyal employees and customers

Biography: An award-winning business and branding architect™, sought-after speaker, presenter, and organization advisor since 1987, Howard A. Lim has earned his reputation as a “disruptive innovator,” and his boutique firm, HOW Creative, partners with CEOs and business leaders worldwide to develop and execute powerful and influential global Authentic Brands®. For over 30 years, Mr. Lim has represented a vast array of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 brands, including Apple, Honda, Disney, DreamWorks, Acura, Xerox, Oracle, Cirque du Soleil, Lakeshore Entertainment, Mattel, Jakks Pacific, Northrop, ATT, Paramount Pictures, and HP, just to name a few. His contributions have added billions of dollars to clients’ profits, to the greater value of the brand, and to the company’s equity.

For the first ten years of his career, Mr. Lim worked with various Fortune 500 companies and was regarded as a problem-solver for very complex scenarios and as someone who could truly innovate under a deadline. As he continued to help bring new technologies into the world, he began working with more start-ups, inventors, small businesses, and large corporations. Today these years of experience grant Mr. Lim a fast, totally unique perspective on the different sizes of challenges and concrete solutions.

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