The Leadership Dojo


This book offers a new approach to leadership. It bases business and management strength on integral body awareness. The book presents key principles as crucial in developing the individual responsibility, social commitment, and moral and spiritual vision required to lead with authority and efficacy. What does a leader do? What are the character values most essential [...]

Fierce Conversations


The master teacher of positive change through powerful communication, Susan Scott, wants her readers to succeed. To do that, she explains, one must transform everyday conversations employing effective ways to get the message across. This guide includes exercises and tools to take you step by step through the Seven Principles of Fierce Conversations. Available here.



Ole Carlson weaves his life's experience, basic psychology and the law of attraction into a simple, no nonsense template for creating the life that you seek and deserve. There is no fluff in Aspire. The book stresses accountability, honesty and self reliance as the keys for moving forward in one's life. There is no room [...]

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


CEO faces the ultimate leadership crisis: uniting a team in such disarray that it threatens to bring down the entire company. This tale serves as a reminder that leadership requires as much courage as it does insight.  A powerful model and actionable steps are outlined that can be used to overcome the common hurdles and [...]

The Hard Thing About Hard Things


While many people talk about how great it is to start a business, very few are honest about how difficult it is to run one. Horowitz analyzes the problems that confront leaders, sharing the insights he’s gained developing, managing, selling, buying, investing in, and supervising technology companies. Available here.

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