Patrick Ungashick
September 27, 2016

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of Dance in the End Zone: The Business Owner’s Exit Planning Playbook Walker’s Recommended Reading List and is on .

This workshop was about turning the conventional wisdom about exit planning upside down. Rather than presenting “exit planning” as it’s commonly understood, Ungashick presented a radically different approach.

What decisions need to be made today in order to build business value and to position the business and its CEO for success at exit?”

Too many CEOs and owners struggle at exit or leave value on the table because seemingly innocuous decisions made years ago come back to undermine their results. The good news is that taking action now not only better prepares the business-owner for exit; it also helps create a better and stronger business today.

  • Why and how planning for the future exit creates a better business today
  • The difference between growing the business and creating value
  • The Seven Essential Exit Questions required to achieve success

Key take-ways from this interactive workshop:

  • What makes one business more valuable to a buyer or successor than another
  • How to know if you are building transferable value as your business grows
  • Answers to the Seven Essential Exit Questions
  • Plus, nearly a half-dozen assessment exercises and tools for members to use in their businesses after the workshop