TORRANCE – September 15, 2017

South Bay VISTAGE Chairs, George Walker and Yolanda Guibert, hosted a Key Executive and Business Owner Informational/Speaker Event.

Vistage Key Exec and Business Owner meeting hosted by LA South Bay Vistage Chair George Walker in Torrance CA

Might Mid-sized Companies: How Leaders Overcome Seven Silent Growth Killers

Robert Sher, founding principal of CEO to CEO, was the special guest speaker at this Key Leadership event.

For an executive team, the excitement of leading a steadily or rapidly growing mid-sized firm can be exhilarating – that is, until growth grinds down to a halt. In this presentation, Robert Sher explored findings from his years of research on more than 100 companies how seven silent growth killers have derailed mid-sized firms. He then showed how executives can overcome or avoid them altogether.

Silent growth killers are hard-to-detect pitfalls that drain momentum and energy, stop growth and sometimes put a firm out of business. The impact of the growth killers is unique to mid-sized companies. Small, venture-funded companies don’t typically suffer from them, and while they do strike big companies, they typically have the financial and managerial strength to survive them.

Illustrating the seven silent growth killers through real examples, Robert explained how CEOs and other leaders can protect their companies from them or avoid them altogether.

  • Why the seven silent growth killers are much bigger risks for mid-sized companies
  • How to identify the growth killers early
  • Ways to survive them with tried-and-true methods
  • How to steer clear of the killers altogether

Attendees each had valuable take-aways from Sher’s presentation.  They then also experienced Vistage’s unique issue resolution process by working through one of the participant’s real life personnel issue.
Torrance Vistage Chair George Walker explaining issue resolution process

What is the Vistage Key Executive Program?

Connect with other key executives reporting the the CEO and small business owners from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds. We start with the premise that none of us is as smart as all of us. However, put our minds together and there isn’t a business challenge we can’t overcome. Like you, Vistage members are proven business leaders and critical thinkers. They have smart ideas and insightful opinions and this is the forum to express them.

As a Vistage group member, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from insightful business speakers like Robert Sher.

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