The Business Hour with speaker Laura Spiglanin

TORRANCE, CA – February 12, 2020

A group of business owners from South bay attended The Business Hour at First Bank in Torrance, CA, and had the pleasure to hear speaker Lauren Spiglanin, Founder of Family Connect Care, LLC, give her presentation on “The Many Dimensions of Dementia, No Longer Considered an Old Person’s Disease.” The event was sponsored by First Bank’s Yalda Noorzai, Vice President, and George Walker, Vistage Chair.

Lauren spoke about the latest information about dementia, it’s affects on families, businesses and employees, how to balance the needs of those with the disease and their caregivers, and where to turn when a family member or employee needs help.

Lauren dedicated her life to the memory care community more than a decade ago. A South Bay native, she founded Family Connect Care, LLC in 2008 to enhance the qualify of life of those she calls “the chronologically gifted.” Lauren is a Dementia Practitioner & Care Manager and launched her company to provide professional, empathetic care management and placement services for those with cognitive impairments.

The Business Hour is a valuable opportunity for business owners and leaders to be inspired and meet like-minded colleagues.

About the Sponsors

Yalda Noorzai, VP Senior Branch Manager of First Bank
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George Walker, Vistage Chair and Business Coach
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The Business Hour at First Bank in Torrance, CA